Exciting News: Universal license makes everything simpler

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Enegic and installation.

Exciting News: Universal license makes everything simpler

We've got some fantastic news for all you installers out there! With our brand-new universal license, configuring any charging station is now a breeze directly through our app.

No need for specific licenses for specific supplier's charging stations anymore – installing your Enegic just got easier!

EVI generell licens för Enegic.

Important: Please note that licenses tied to specific charging stations like Zaptec, Easee, and Charge Amps will continue to work as usual.

Streamlined Process

Thanks to the general license, installers no longer have to choose which integration to invest in. In other words, you won't have to keep track of which charging station the customer has and which integration you need for the installation.

Instead, you can rest assured that the installation process will be smoother than ever before.

Thank you for choosing Enegic!

We are constantly evolving our products and services with installers like you in mind. Our aim with the universal license is to make your Enegic experience even better.

Thank you for choosing Enegic!

Warm regards,


Published Jul 26, 2023

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