Smart power for smart homes

Enegic's products for advanced power management optimize your smart home.

Smart power with Enegic

With smart power management, you optimize your energy usage, protect your property's main fuse, and reduce your electricity costs.

Full control over your EV charging

With Enegic, you get automatic dynamic power management for your charging station.

Solar panels

Enegic measures solar production in your property and presents all the data in separate graphs, giving you full control over your property.

Works in all properties

Enegic works in all properties, regardless of the type of electricity meter you have, the number of electrical panels you have, or the electrical architecture of the property.


Enegic is independent, which means you do not need a specific electricity supply agreement to use our products.

Simple installation

With its estimated ease and speed of installation, it's no wonder that our network of installation partners continues to grow every day.

Market-leading support

We are available over the phone for both users and all our installation partners.

Why Enegic?

While it is possible to save on expensive electricity costs by using only candles, heating your home with wood, and living completely off-grid, it is hardly cost-effective (or desirable for most of us).

With Enegic, we instead focus on optimizing your power usage in the property, ensuring that no electricity goes to waste, and helping you avoid high power charges.

Enegic provides real-time data and insights into your power usage, allowing you to make informed decisions about energy management and efficiency. This smart monitoring system helps you understand and control your energy usage, leading to potential cost savings and environmental benefits.

Environmentally friendly and electrically safe

The increased power demand challenges the electricity grids and puts high pressure on them. With Enegic, we smooth out the power curve and relieve the electricity grids for a sustainable, green future.

Through our advanced power monitoring and power management, we also make your home electrically safe and protect the property's main fuse. This allows you to charge your EV, turn on the heat pump, and operate other appliances in your home with peace of mind, not needing to worry about tripping a fuse.

Thanks to Enegic's continuous communication with both the electricity grid and the property, our system reports the available power capacity and automatically manage the EV charging in relation to the current power usage.

Why focus on the EV?

Many homeowners choose to install a charging station at home for their electric cars. The increased demand for power to EV charging also puts additional pressure on the electricity grid. In fact, the EV is one of the largest power consumers in private homes today.

A refrigerator, or freezer, typically associated with high electricity consumption, draws around 100 W in comparison, while EV charging easily exceeds 22,000 W.

By focusing on managing EV charging, we also have the opportunity to power manage your home and help you avoid high power charges.

EV charging has never been cheaper

Enegic controls your EV charging while monitoring the power usage of your property, as well as the electricity grid. During peak power demand periods, Enegic ensures to keep your power usage as low as possible, helping you save money and also relieving strain on the electricity grid.

It's a win-win situation that benefits both you and the environment.

What EV charging stations are compatible with Enegic?

All EV chargers have the potential to work with Enegic. Currently, we support power control for EV chargers from various suppliers across Europe. Some of the largest ones we integrate with include Zaptec, Charge Amps, and Easee.

We are constantly integrating with new partners and adding new integrations on an ongoing basis. Check out our Integrations page to see what is currently available.

Product info

Our products

Our products are advanced solutions for dynamic power management of larger power consumers, such as EV charging stations. All our products provide you with advanced, automatic power management and the ability to optimize your electricity usage.


Enegic Monitor

Enegic Monitor for smart power management


Enegic Monitor one

Enegic Monitor one compatible with P1/RJ12


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