Enegic's power control is integrated with several of the largest EV charger suppliers on the market. See all of them here.

Our integrations and collaborations

For us, having an open platform is a prerequisite for our entire business. By integrating Enegic with several suppliers of charging stations for EV charging, we can deliver relevant measurement of power and energy to help more users.

”Enegic as an open platform is of most importance to us. Power control must be available to everyone, it is together we balance the power curves.” – Tomas Öquist, CTO & founder Enegic


Our integrations

Enegic provides advanced and cost-effective solutions for the following EV chargers.


Upcoming Features

Explore comprehensive details on the EV chargers and features currently supported by Perific, alongside insights into what's new and forthcoming.

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Enegic with upcoming integrations