Enegic Monitor one

Enegic monitor one
Enegic monitor one
Enegic monitor one

Monitor your property's power consumption in real-time with Enegic Monitor one. It is designed to be compatible with P1/RJ12 and is incredibly easy to install.

Enegic is an advanced solution for effortless power management of big power consumers. A typical example of a big power consumer is the EV charger. Monitor one makes EV charging power management, as well as power consumption monitoring, accessible at your fingertips.

Because Enegic offers an advanced ecosystem connected via the cloud, you may always build upon existing units. This is especially useful if you want to activate multipoint measuring – or if you plan to get solar panels. You will not have to replace your Enegic monitor one, but can instead connect new units to each other.

Solar power at home? Check out our Enegic Monitor EM1.

Get access to all data through our Enegic app.


Protect the fuses

Monitor and manage your EV charging


Dynamic power management

Monitor your electrical costs

Net value purchased energy

Net value sold energy (solar)



Weight & Dimensions

Additional equipment



Charge Amps








Easy to install

More than 35 000 Enegic monitors have been installed by more than 3500 installers. The Enegic Monitor is always appreciated because of its simple and quick installation process. With Enegic Monitor one the installation process is just as simple.

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No need to cut the power

When you install Enegic Monitor one you will not need to cut the power, making the installing process easier than ever.

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Add units as you go

The Enegic ecosystem is especially designed to match your needs – even if they change over time.

Therefore, you may always install another Enegic unit without replacing your existing Enegic Monitor one. Instead, together, they will give you access to multi-point measuring and provide you with even more data of your property's power consumption.

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Integrations with EV chargers

All EV chargers have the potential to work with Enegic. Today, we power control EV chargers from many suppliers around Europe. Among other things, we power control some of the biggest, such as Zaptec, Charge Amps and Easee.

We are constantly integrating with new partners and adding integrations continuously. Check out our Integrations page to see what's current right now.

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Enegic integrates with EV chargers

No property is too complicated for Enegic

The Enegic Monitor one can monitor power consumption within the range of 16A to 2500A.