Powerlink Enegic Hub

Enegic Hub Powerlink.
Enegic Hub Powerlink.
Enegic hub med RJ12 eller sensorer.

Powerlink is our complete solution for managing charging stations and Enegic Hub our Charging Station Pairer. Paired with either an Enegic Monitor or Enegic Monitor one, it becomes one of our most advanced management and load balancing solutions to date. Therefore, we call this powerful combination of a Hub and a monitor Powerlink.

Combine Enegic Hub with either an Enegic Monitor or an Enegic Monitor one for complete control over your EV charging, regardless of the property.

How Powerlink works

An Enegic unit measures the property's power consumption in real-time and communicates the available power to the Enegic Hub, which then oversees and optimizes the EV charging.

Hub Kit

The Enegic Hub comes bundled with either an Enegic Monitor or an Enegic Monitor one, depending on which solution suits the property best.

Measurement via the phase conductors

Till Enegic Monitor

Measurement via the P1 port, RJ12

Till Enegic Monitor one


Protect the fuses

Dynamic load balancing

EV charging management

Charge only when electricity rates are low

Create schedules for EV charging

Monitoring of the property's power output

Measurement of solar power

Compatible with the amina S


Weight & Dimensions



Amina S

Take control of your amina S with Enegic

What's amina S all about?

Simple, speedy, stylish, and sleek; The amina S is a charging station with minimalistic design that doesn't skimp on functionality, despite its compact size.

Paired with Enegic Hub, amina S becomes a great solution for load balancing, power management, and power measurement – and for EV charging, naturally!

Optimized Power Usage

Combine the amina S with Enegic, and you'll get the most out of your EV charging – all while potentially saving money through energy optimization.

Product info

Load balancing for all properties

The Enegic Hub is designed to seamlessly function in any property, regardless of its electrical setup.

This is why it's compatible with both the Enegic Monitor (measuring via the phase conductors) and the Enegic Monitor one (measuring via RJ12) and why it comes bundled with one of the two, to ensure total control over your EV charging and amina S.

Click below to explore our power measurement options.


Enegic Monitor

Enegic Monitor for smart measurement via the phase conductors.


Enegic Monitor one

Enegic Monitor one, measurement via P1/RJ12.

What is load balancing?

Discover more about how load balancing works and how optimized electricity usage can contribute to a greener world while saving you money.