Dynamic charging load management for Zaptec charging boxes

Enegic monitor is fully compatible with all charging boxes from Zaptec. Get access to data regarding your property's total power output and optimize your power usage with dynamic power management.

Enegic and Zaptec charging boxes

Enegic's charging load management for Zaptec:

Clear overview

Get a clear and user-friendly overview of your property's total power output.

Easy to install

Enegic is installed with your Zaptec charging box.


Our charging load management is designed for multi-point metering – without the need for an available P1/HAN.

Dynamic charging load management for Zaptec charging boxes

The EV charger is one of the most energy-consuming units in modern homes today. Therefore, we have integrated the Enegic system with all charging boxes from Zaptec, such as Zaptec Go and Zaptec Pro.

What is the Enegic Monitor?

The Enegic Monitor is an advanced solution for dynamic power management. We offer advanced charging load management for your EV charger from Zaptec.

Enegic reports the available power output to your Zaptec charging box, balancing the power curve and saving you unnecessary electric costs.

Compatible with all properties

Enegic's solution is compatible with all properties, ranging from 16A to 2500A. In addition, Enegic is specifically designed to work regardless if you have a new or old electrical meter, making Enegic unique of its kind.

Get information about the property's total power output

Enegic monitors and communicate the property's total power output in real-time. Enegic constantly communicates the data, creating the best opportunity for power optimization.

Enegic is fully integrated with Zaptec's platform, reporting all necessary data to Zaptec.

This means that you, in a clear and accessible way get all the information about the total power output you need – making it easy for you to optimize the power consumption.

To get a complete picture of the property's total power output, Enegic monitors the power consumption per phase. This will grant more detailed data.

Enegic charging load management and Zaptec

Enegic's charging load management for Zaptec means that we continuously communicate the total power output of the property, making it easy to optimize the property's power usage.

Using Enegic for your Zaptec EV charger means that:

  • You may be able to save money due to optimized power usage.

  • You keep the main fuse from getting triggered by monitoring the total power output of the property.

  • You get a clear image of the property's total power output as well as the production of power, should you have solar panels installed.

Control your charging from the app

By installing Enegic with your EV charger from Zaptec you will get the opportunity to take your charging to the next level. With optiCharge activated, Enegic controls your charging automatically.

What Enegic likes about Zaptec charging boxes


Advanced EV charging for Zaptec Pro.

How to install Enegic with Zaptec's EV charger?

Enegic Monitor is often installed at the same time as your EV charger. However, it is possible to install Enegic retroactively.

The current sensors are connected to the three phases of the property: L1, L2, and L3. For Enegic to work properly, the sensors are ideally installed as close to the distribution box as possible. Thereafter Enegic's charging load management will be installed.

The installation will be performed by a certified electrician.

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