App Release 3.8.0

New version released for the app 3.8.1

For installers

New login flow:

  • A new customer account can now be created under the installer's domain, directly in the app.

  • It is now possible to request permission to impersonate users outside the installer's domain.

  • New improved UI!

During the setup of a Zaptec reporter, installation authorization and installation ID can now be linked and retrieved directly through the Enegic app. This process facilitates Zaptec integration for installers, as it no longer requires the installer to switch back and forth between the two apps.

For private accounts

New login flow:

  • The logic behind the login has been optimized, and users are now kept logged in until they log out.

  • New improved UI!

Several minor improvements, bug fixes, and general optimizations in data management have been implemented.

Published Jul 05, 2023

Updated Jul 11, 2023