What is multipoint measurement?

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Multipoint measurement is an advanced form of power measurement where the property's power consumption is measured at multiple points within the property. The advantages include a more informative measurement and the ability to create separate graphs for power consumption and power production.

Multipoint measurement is a popular method of power measurement because it measures at multiple points in the property's electrical structure, providing a more informative measurement. In practice, this means that more than one Enegic Monitor (EM1) is placed within the property.

Enegic Monitor.

When Do I Need Multipoint Measurement?

You need multipoint measurement, for instance, to enable hierarchical measurement, which provides separate graphs for energy production and energy consumption.

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What Does Multipoint Measurement Mean?

Multipoint measurement can be succinctly described as measuring the property's power consumption at every bottleneck in the electrical structure. Or, in simpler terms, multipoint measurement is when more than one Enegic Monitor is placed within the property.

This allows us to obtain data from more locations in the property, providing a more accurate measurement of your property's power consumption.

Did you know? A bottleneck/key point can be, for example, a distribution box.

When power data are collected from multiple key points within the property, we can offer more advanced power management, hierarchical management, which takes into account all aspects of the property's energy usage.

The Need for Multipoint Measurement is Growing

Many properties today have more than one electrical panel, for instance, one for the main building and one for the garage, making multipoint measurement advantageous. This way, Enegic can differentiate between the different bottlenecks and create a more accurate picture of what is happening inside the property.

Moreover, multipoint measurement enables you to activate hierarchical management, which is a more advanced form of power management.

Through multipoint measurement, Enegic has stepped into your property. By measuring power consumption at each bottleneck in the property's electrical structure, it provides us with detailed data on how your property uses energy.

Multipoint Measurement for Solar Production

If the property also has a power production, for example, thanks to a solar panel system, multipoint measurement is recommended. Simply place an additional Enegic Monitor at the solar panel system's electrical panel and collect separate values for power production.

Then, activate hierarchical management.

The result? We can distinguish between the property's power production and power consumption, presenting power production separately from the property's power consumption.

It's a unique solution that gives you full control over your property's total power consumption.

Identify Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Through our detailed graphs, users can easily identify key values (KPIs). This means you can save money by avoiding power peaks and, for example, charge your EV on times the power grid is under least pressure.

Enegic Always Measures In Real-Time

Our measurement is always based on real-time data. When you access our app and view your property's power consumption, you will get a real-time picture of what is happening inside your property, making it easier to optimize your property's energy usage.

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Published Apr 28, 2023

Updated Feb 23, 2024

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